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2 0 1 0   C H O R E O G R A P H I C   C O M P E T I T I O N

Adjudicators:  Mrs. L. Phillips, Mrs. N. Pinfold, Mrs. J. Jadresic


BALLET / MODERN 12 years & under

FIRST PLACE: Crystal Smith, Modern – Ice Castles
SECOND PLACE: Ettienne Montzka-Caceres, Ballet – Sugar Plum Fairy

THIRD PLACE:  Crystal Smith, Ballet – Melodies of Life

H/C: Hannah Preston, Modern - Teardrop


MODERN / CONTEMPORARY 13 years & over


FIRST PLACE: Sarah Nicolopoulos, Stronger Than Ever
SECOND PLACE: Jessica Floyd, Butterfly Fly Away

THIRD PLACE: Rebecca Matijevic, Apoligize




JAZZ / TAP 12 years & under


FIRST PLACE: Crystal Smith & Ettienne Montzka-Caceres, Jazz – Whine Up

SECOND PLACE: Crystal Smith, Jazz – Car Wash

THIRD PLACE: Ettienne Montzka-Caceres & Crystal Smith, Tap - Cotton Eyed Joe

FOURTH PLACE: Ettienne Montzka-Caceres Jazz - Lollipops

H/C:  Katelyn Burton


JAZZ SECTION / TAP 13 years & over


FIRST PLACE: Jessica Floyd. Jazz - Fly on the Wall

SECOND PLACE: Jessica James & Hannah Preston, Jazz - Girlfriend

H/C: Cassandra Whitworth & Rebecca Matijevic, Jazz - 369

H/C:  Jessica Floyd, Tap - So What

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