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2 0 1 3   C H O R E O G R A P H I C   C O M P E T I T I O N

Adjudicator: Danika Toms


RESULTS - Mini Variety

FIRST PLACE: Maeve Hinshelwood, Who’s That Girl - Tap
SECOND PLACE: Samarah Ansell, Doll Dance - Ballet

THIRD PLACE:  Zoe Corliss, Like It Like That - Tap



JAZZ - 12 Years and under


FIRST PLACE: Lauren Hollowes, Starstruck
SECOND PLACE: Holly Ray, Want You Back

THIRD PLACE: Samarah Ansell, Funky Town

H/C: Sienna Lovell, Dynamite
H/C: Kiara Jesshope, Bad Romance
H/C: Zoe Corliss, Poker Face
H/C: Erin McFadden, It’s All About Me


JAZZ - 13 Years and over


FIRST PLACE: Ettienne Montzka-Caceres, Bang

SECOND PLACE: Maeghan Stace, Nicest Kids in Town
THIRD PLACE: Brittany Rodreda, Treasure





MODERN 13 Years and under


 FIRST PLACE: Angelica Lovel, Somebody I Used To Know
SECOND PLACE: Eloise Etienne, You Found Me

THIRD PLACE: Lydia Kirby, Skinny Love

H/C: Angelica Lovel, Let It Go


MODERN 14yrs & Over

FIRST PLACE: Matilda Sheridan, Between Two Lungs
SECOND PLACE: Maeghan Stace, Skyfall
THIRD PLACE: Breanna Lacullo, Rumor Has It

H/C: Jessica James, Never Alone

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