2 0 1 3   C H O R E O G R A P H I C   C O M P E T I T I O N

Adjudicator: Danika Toms


RESULTS - Mini Variety

FIRST PLACE: Maeve Hinshelwood, Who’s That Girl - Tap
SECOND PLACE: Samarah Ansell, Doll Dance - Ballet

THIRD PLACE:  Zoe Corliss, Like It Like That - Tap



JAZZ - 12 Years and under


FIRST PLACE: Lauren Hollowes, Starstruck
SECOND PLACE: Holly Ray, Want You Back

THIRD PLACE: Samarah Ansell, Funky Town

H/C: Sienna Lovell, Dynamite
H/C: Kiara Jesshope, Bad Romance
H/C: Zoe Corliss, Poker Face
H/C: Erin McFadden, It’s All About Me


JAZZ - 13 Years and over


FIRST PLACE: Ettienne Montzka-Caceres, Bang

SECOND PLACE: Maeghan Stace, Nicest Kids in Town
THIRD PLACE: Brittany Rodreda, Treasure





MODERN 13 Years and under


 FIRST PLACE: Angelica Lovel, Somebody I Used To Know
SECOND PLACE: Eloise Etienne, You Found Me

THIRD PLACE: Lydia Kirby, Skinny Love

H/C: Angelica Lovel, Let It Go


MODERN 14yrs & Over

FIRST PLACE: Matilda Sheridan, Between Two Lungs
SECOND PLACE: Maeghan Stace, Skyfall
THIRD PLACE: Breanna Lacullo, Rumor Has It

H/C: Jessica James, Never Alone


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To consider first the interests of the Society and to carry out and believe in the established policies.

As a teaching fraternity we must show Adaptability, Consistency, Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Punctuality and Reliability



We should strive to improve techniques and our quality of teaching.

A.    ART

Dance is an Art Form and we shall give our students the utmost measure of our knowledge in teaching the Love and Fellowship of Dance. 


EDTA commenced in 1974 & is dedicated to the promotion of Dance & Theatre Arts. Uniquely Australian in origin, it offers children through to adults an all encompassing training system, in which all Theatre Arts can be combined & studied.

Since its beginning, EDTA Inc. has grown to become a major force in all facets of the performing arts. Members and Administration together continually strive to aim for high standards and are always seeking new and varied experiences for members and students. The popularity of this organisation is brought about by the diversity offered in all of its sylllabi.

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Examinations available from beginners to major levels. Graduations and Teaching Qualifications in all Facets.

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